We got lucky

Evelyn lucky in the daddy department. Paul is such a great dad. He is so attentive, and he has been from day one, there was no more “new parent” adjustment period for him than there was me.  Through my whole labor he was by my side, and as soon as Evelyn came out he rushed to be by her side, to be sure she was okay. 

 When he was finally given the opportunity (after she was fed) he held her with such care, and gave her so much love. 

Upon arriving home, he would get up and take her after I fed her. Then he would watch cartoons, or play video games with her so I could sleep in a little bit longer.

A few days ago we started cloth diapering during the day. This is a trial and error thing for us. But he is very good at getting the diaper on, even though it doesn’t fit. 

He even asked if he could wear her in the Moby while making dinner the other night. 

He is so great with her, and she loves him so much. 

Even now that he has gone back to work, when he comes home he does the dishes, and then cuddles up with her (and the playstation) as I prepare dinner.  Or they nap like today. 

Nap time

– Alana


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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3 Responses to We got lucky

  1. Kara says:

    Daddy's are something else. Mine was the best when she was born. He would get her at night and bring her in so I could feed her, then he would put her back to bed. He was so good. Now, he isn't quite as attentive, but still good.

  2. Danafox says:

    This pictures are precious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. cyn knight says:

    wow does she look like daddy! the pic of her in the cloth diaper especially!what a good daddy 🙂

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