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Wordless Wednesday

We kennel the dogs when we leave the house, Renji eats everything, and Aiko sometimes has accidents (plus it’s not fair to just kennel one.) So we came home the other night and found this.  Apparently we weren’t paying attention … Continue reading

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I love my babies

Aiko & Renji being naughty Renji napping in the laundry Renji with cute feets Aiko sleeping on my pillow Taco helping me make the bed Aiko and her piggy on the bed I made.follow me on instagram: alanamarie26

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Tail Wagging Tuesday!

{Stolen from Kendra who got it from C Mae} Have you ever been given “the look“? Today’s topic is to share “the Look” that your pets give you. The sad puppy dog eyes. The evil glare. “i love you mommy” … Continue reading

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Taco on Instagram

Taco is feeling a little under the weather. I may need to call the vet tomorrow, he’s been a sneezing machine. Licking his chops after eating: Extreme close-up: Handsome boy:

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Day Twelve

Day 12 – A picture of something you loveI love my fur babies:

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Picture of the day: A story of Taco

A long long time ago, in a far away land called Chicopee, there was a girl and a boy. The girl worked in a convenience store and one day one of her co-workers told her about a cat, the cat … Continue reading

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Picture of the day: Lazy Cat

While Paul and I have been working our asses off unpacking, Taco offered little help. Because yesterday we did nothing, except keep the couch warm and go pick up pizza, we were required today to do lots. And we have … Continue reading

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Goodbye Home.

Oh noes! I missed two days! We’ll it’s not a failure in my book, I’ve just been BANANAS busy. Yesterday was spent all day moving. The internet was shut off early and we spent the whole day dealing with movers, … Continue reading

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at the vet with the monsters

Today’s vet stuff went very unexpected. Of all the animals to have a reaction, Taco did. Vaccines were given at about 1030 am, we were home by 1130 fixing to take Renji up for his sick appt at 130, well … Continue reading

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Long day ahead.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, in the AM I have shot appts for Taco (cat) & Aiko. In the afternoon I have an appt to bring Renji to get checked out. He’s been having vomit & regurgitation … Continue reading

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