Nose Frieda (a review)

I have had the NoseFrida recommended to me several times by several people. I really don’t know what took me so long to get it, the first time Evey was sick, I swore up and down I was going to order one online the next day, but I didn’t. Then Evey got sick with me mid January, and I finally ordered one. I really wish I had ordered one sooner. Its a wonderful booger removal tool, and works far better than I expected.
The only downside is Evey HATES IT. I literally have to pin her down to use it. At first I felt terrible doing it, because she screams bloody murder, But it works so well, far better than any bulb sucker I have ever tried. It gets all the boogies. 
When I explain how it works, to people they think it sounds like the most disgusting thing ever, but once you get your baby breathing clear for the first time in a week, you’ll be sold too. 
It works just like the picture on the box shows, you put one end into the babies nose, that part is attached to a filter to prevent boogies from passing into the hose, and you put the end of the hose in your mouth and suck those boogies out. 
It forms a seal in the nostril so when you suck those boogies, all your mommy (or daddy) powered sucking is going straight to getting those boogies out. 
Well enough with the words, let me introduce you to the NoseFrida: 
Front of the package
The NoseFrida all opened up to show how it comes apart for washing (the hose detaches too)

filter will go back into that little hole. 

mouth piece
additional filters. There’s three cut out in that you just have to pull them out. 
You can get your very own NoseFrida from Amazon and CottonBabies, among many other retailers, maybe even locally if you live in a bigger city than I do. 
Sorry no action photos, I don’t know how I would take pictures of me using this, and Paul refuses to use it, so I can’t take pictures of him sucking the snot. 

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