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Winter Blues- update

I think I am back, hopefully I can get to posting again. I have been knee deep in the winter blues, and sickness. What started as a cold, turned into a sinus infection, and then turned into an upper respiratory … Continue reading

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Bad dog

I am so mad at this little guy right now.  See he has a tendency to get into shit. But I’m used to it. And to an extent my house is already baby proofed because we Renji proofed a long … Continue reading

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I’m still here

Sorry I didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth, but this has been a very rough week.Tuesday night I wasn’t feeling great, I thought it was just a cranky stomach, but after 8 hours of nonstop vomit … Continue reading

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Source: via Alana on Pinterest I think I have finally awoken from the haze that was the flu. Good thing too, I am scheduled to work tonight. This month my goals are:sew my purses that I bought fabric for … Continue reading

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Source: via Alana on Pinterest I’ve spent the last 4 days laid up with the flu.  I don’t remember ever being this sick in my life.  I couldn’t stand for more than a few seconds without getting nauseous and dizzy. I … Continue reading

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I am such a baby. Just ask my mommy.

Source: via Alana on Pinterest Yesterday my mommy told me I had no excuse to complain about not feeling well, if I refused to take anything for it.Well she is wrong. I am sick, like swine flu or H1N1, … Continue reading

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Long Weekend

It’s been a long few days, I’ve missed a few posts that I wanted to do, but I’ve been under the weather. Yesterday (friday) I was at work and got sick, wrenching stomach pains. The best way I can describe … Continue reading

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Taco on Instagram

Taco is feeling a little under the weather. I may need to call the vet tomorrow, he’s been a sneezing machine. Licking his chops after eating: Extreme close-up: Handsome boy:

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I have a tummy ache. that is all.

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Next time you worry about germs

did you know that when Europeans came to the Americas that roughly 9 out of every 10 people were killed. The numbers are estimated around 75 Million people inhabited the Americas (North, South & Central) and 90% of them died. … Continue reading

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