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Happy Birthday to the cutest little pig dog that there ever was!  Happy 5th Birthday Aiko, and heres to many more! (these are not in any order, because despite my best efforts, blogger hates me today, and wont even upload … Continue reading

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I feel like I know you

Hey Bestie!Okay maybe you’re not my bestie. But you may feel like it, I hope at least some of you read this and think to yourself “yeah, that Alana chick is pretty cool, I feel like I know her”There are … Continue reading

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Mom’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! This is from when my mom visited me in Okinawa. It was the first time I had seen her in person in about 2 years. (Thanks to Skype, we would see each other regularly via the internets)  … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye.

(no, I am not saying goodbye)Goodbye is just a part of Military Life. We all leave, we are all left. Friends move away when they get new orders. About every three years it’s time to move for a Marine Family. Sometimes … Continue reading

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My baby sister got married.

Wednesday November 23, My sister became the 6th woman in our family to get married on this day.  ❤ My father walked her down the isle They said their vows  My parents saw their baby get married.  We took fun pictures  … Continue reading

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One thing I learned this weekend.

No matter how long you are apart it’s easy to pick up right where you left off. Love you Nikki. That’s just how things go when you move around all the time though. You make friends then you move, make more friends … Continue reading

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Day Ten

Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the craziest things with The hardest part about this post was choosing a picture. Hands down, craziest things have been done with this girl. She was there for much debauchery … Continue reading

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PCSing & Friendship

Making good friends is hard enough. Moving every three or so years to a whole new part of the country (or world) means you have to make new best friends. Tonight was the second time since we arrived on Okinawa … Continue reading

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My Best Friend

My best friend is a girl i have known all my life, she is a really neat person. She was once this little tiny girl that i couldnt stand to be around, i used to wish that my parents would … Continue reading

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