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P90X3 Available Now!

Beachbody is rolling out another 30 minute, ass kicking workout! P90X3 BASE KIT: (click link to order) 16 unique and brand new workouts on 8 DVDs Plus, 5 Free Gifts Fitness Guide Nutrition Guide 90 Day Workout Calendar How to … Continue reading

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Putting On a New Uniform: Transitioning from the Military Into Civilian Work

I’ve just gotten back from vacation and I am working on getting some posts put together this week. But I thought I would put up a wonderfully written guest post to keep things moving right along while I am editing … Continue reading

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And I’m Unemployed.

For the first time in almost 2 years I am unemployed, with no job on the horizon. This is a choice I made because I want to be a stay at home mom. It happened a little sooner than I … Continue reading

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Lets blog about not blogging!

I’ve been MIA still, despite my best efforts I’ve really not been online at all much the last few weeks. I have over 350 (it was 400 this am) blogs to catch up on in Google Reader. I have barely … Continue reading

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Money Matters

After the baby comes I will not go back to work in a regular setting. I may try to craft and sell my crafts, or baby sit, but we’ll see. It’s not like I make a shit load now, but … Continue reading

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Rough Week

I am sure part of it is hormones, but this last week has been very physically and mentally trying for me.I’ve been very stressed and had a very short fuse. I’ve also been in quite a bit of pain from … Continue reading

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Recruiting Duty

Recruiting duty is just a fact of life for a lot of military members who serve until retirement.  It’s no fun, but for us at least, It really could be worse. I’ve heard stories of ruined marriages, infidelity, depression, even suicide.  Paul and … Continue reading

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a little vent

Yesterday I lost my work apron. Between leaving work and going to Buffalo Wild Wings (less than a mile, and I drove). I think I lost it in my work parking lot. It’s no secret that I suffer from anxiety, … Continue reading

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My Job

I don’t talk a whole bunch specifically about my job, mostly because I don’t want anything I say to bite me in the ass later.  I work (primarily) in the video department of a store that sells entertainment. Movies, books, music, video … Continue reading

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Bee Positive

Source: via alison. on Pinterest Everyone loves positive feedback. It makes employees work harder and people feel better about themselves when they are told they are doing a good job. The last few days I have been getting loads … Continue reading

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