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Bicycle Safety

Just a Public Service Announcement, brought to you by the guy that I almost ran over the other day. Maybe this is just something I learned as a kid, because I’m special. I don’t know where I learned it, or … Continue reading

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Bike Ride Photography

Today I did an 11.3 mile bike ride. Here are some photo’s from my route. sleeping babies and their mommies. slightly flooded creek, it’s usually about half this size. piggies!!! horse with a boner. i know it’s gross, but the … Continue reading

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Pictures and Update

Not too much going on here, The dogs are doing good. Renji and Aiko, still love each other (most of the time) Okinawa has elephant shaped clouds And really pretty regular clouds Sunabe Gyro, has the best Gyros this side … Continue reading

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I’ve been neglectfull

I apologize for neglecting you blog, and blog followers. Since Paul got home I’ve been super busy, he’s been working less than half days so he’s home at about 12 every day (which makes me happy) I will work this … Continue reading

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