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May Goals

I feel like I haven’t accomplished much in the last few months. May is going to be big for me on a personal level. I feel change in the wind and I am looking forward to a change in the … Continue reading

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Gardening 101_Episode 1: how to make dinner almost entirely from your garden

tonight I had pesto, with fresh picked basil on rice, and oven roasted eggplant, also hand picked, yesterday.  so fresh i grew it myself.

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I can’t wait for Paul to get home so we can try these, fresh from the garden, today.

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It Came From Outer Space

this is my conjoined twin cucumber!  WEIRD!!! and the rest of my pretty garden

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Earth Week Final & Garden Question

First: if so can you go over to my neighbor’s garden HERE (clickable link) and offer some advice on her plants, she’s got a mystery plant that looks like a cucumber but with HUGE flowers, so we were thinking zucchini. Here is … Continue reading

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nothing really exciting today, today was a busy day, I took Aiko to the vet, it’s looking like she will need Soft Palate surgery. basically with the short (snub) nose breeds sometimes the roof of the mouth extends back into the throat, … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Week Tuesday

Today for Earth Day Week I present more garden pictures That there’s gonna be an eggplant cute eggplant bloom and that’s another cucumber  there’s my first cuke getting big, it’s almost two inches long! and some itty bitty tomatoes! they are … Continue reading

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Garden Love

Pictures of flowers from the flower expo: [daisy’s (i bought some of these)] [pretty purple] [hibiscus] my back yard/garden: [my lovely garden]

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i just got back from the nursery with this it’s a purple and red Hibiscus. i’m so excited i could esplode (gir much?)

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