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I feel like I know you

Hey Bestie!Okay maybe you’re not my bestie. But you may feel like it, I hope at least some of you read this and think to yourself “yeah, that Alana chick is pretty cool, I feel like I know her”There are … Continue reading

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Mom’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! This is from when my mom visited me in Okinawa. It was the first time I had seen her in person in about 2 years. (Thanks to Skype, we would see each other regularly via the internets)  … Continue reading

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I’m a shitty friend

What was it, like 3 months ago I was complaining about not having any friends?Now I’ve got like 4 people who want to hang out, and be my friend, and I never call them, or make plans to hang out.I … Continue reading

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Social Anxiety

I think I have a problem. (beware I’m putting my crazy out there today) I’ve never really had a problem making friends until I moved to Montana.Maybe because I was younger with all of our moves.Maybe because before now I … Continue reading

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Making Friends

Source: Uploaded by user via Alana on Pinterest Moving every 3 or so years is hard enough.When you are military and you move to another military instillation you are thrust into an environment where many other families are doing the same thing. Hundreds of … Continue reading

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Things you may have missed.

If you are not friends with me on facebook (me as in the person, not the blog), then you missed this little nugget of gold from last night.  Love you daddy! 

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Saying Goodbye.

(no, I am not saying goodbye)Goodbye is just a part of Military Life. We all leave, we are all left. Friends move away when they get new orders. About every three years it’s time to move for a Marine Family. Sometimes … Continue reading

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