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Naughty Doggies, Getting Schooled.

It’s not a huge secret that I have two unruly dogs.  They pretty much run the house, they do what they want, when they want.  They don’t listen much, they beg,  They are redonkulously annoying when it comes to toys … Continue reading

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I spent the better part of 2008-2010 busting my ass in school. I am not a great student but if it weren’t for math I would have had at least a 3.5 GPA, but nearly failing one math class screwed … Continue reading

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History class has ruined my day.

** final update 6pm: My teacher got back to me, she hadn’t gotten my test, the testing centre had to email it directly to her. she got it put in the system and I now have an A. Hells Yeah! … Continue reading

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It’s Over!

I don’t talk about school much, especially this semester, because it’s just been pissing me off. I think my teacher is lazy, can’t spell, and is terrible at keeping the lines of communication over. Now I understand that Proff.s with … Continue reading

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Keep on truckin

Things have been very busy here the last few weeks. Paul got word he has recruiting duty orders, currently he is set to report in August, but he’s applied to have it pushed back to the following class that would … Continue reading

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I’ve been neglectfull

I apologize for neglecting you blog, and blog followers. Since Paul got home I’ve been super busy, he’s been working less than half days so he’s home at about 12 every day (which makes me happy) I will work this … Continue reading

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half-assed update attempt

Damn I miss him. Two weeks until our official half way point. Finals are this week, so you’ll have to wait one more week for photos from Paul’s R&R leave, unfortunately there has been nothing going on since he left … Continue reading

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First Day of School

I’m a dork, and I took pictures of my first day of school, last week, like my mom used to when I was a kid. The only difference between that day and when I was a kid, mom didn’t send … Continue reading

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I need to find my focus, I’ve never been able to focus. I barely graduated HS. I don’t know how I graduated HS, luck, pitty from teachers, I dunno. College is a whole different game. Even though my classes are … Continue reading

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deploy |diˈploi|verb [ trans. ]move (troops) into position for military action : forces were deployed at strategic locations.• [ intrans. ] (of troops) move into position for such action : the air force began to deploy forward.• bring into effective … Continue reading

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