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Okinawa we will miss you, it’s been rad. I hope to see you again some day. Please send us safe travel thoughts today, it’s going to be a long 15 hours!

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Over the next two weeks my weather is going to change drastically. Today and Tomorrow:Next weekAnd our new home, we should be there by Thanksgiving.I’m excited, and scared.

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Eagle Lodge (our temporary home)

We’ve been staying in the Eagle Lodge for 5 days now, and it isn’t half bad. It’s very spacious, full kitchen, drinking/dining establishment downstairs, and walking distance to many more food/drink/connivence stores. View from the front balcony: LR looking into … Continue reading

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Another Thing I will miss

Walking the cow (bull).This is a common sight here in suburban Okinawa. The farmers walk the livestock. I am not sure why, if it’s for exercise or if they are studding out the bulls, or just so they can have … Continue reading

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another delayed post

I missed a few days again. Sorry, things have been bananas. Like today:I am in love. They grey will lighten up as it heals, and it will be un-shiny as soon as I no longer need to lotion it every … Continue reading

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Goodbye Home.

Oh noes! I missed two days! We’ll it’s not a failure in my book, I’ve just been BANANAS busy. Yesterday was spent all day moving. The internet was shut off early and we spent the whole day dealing with movers, … Continue reading

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PCSing & Friendship

Making good friends is hard enough. Moving every three or so years to a whole new part of the country (or world) means you have to make new best friends. Tonight was the second time since we arrived on Okinawa … Continue reading

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