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Okinawa we will miss you, it’s been rad. I hope to see you again some day. Please send us safe travel thoughts today, it’s going to be a long 15 hours!

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Over the next two weeks my weather is going to change drastically. Today and Tomorrow:Next weekAnd our new home, we should be there by Thanksgiving.I’m excited, and scared.

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Eagle Lodge (our temporary home)

We’ve been staying in the Eagle Lodge for 5 days now, and it isn’t half bad. It’s very spacious, full kitchen, drinking/dining establishment downstairs, and walking distance to many more food/drink/connivence stores. View from the front balcony: LR looking into … Continue reading

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Another Thing I will miss

Walking the cow (bull).This is a common sight here in suburban Okinawa. The farmers walk the livestock. I am not sure why, if it’s for exercise or if they are studding out the bulls, or just so they can have … Continue reading

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another delayed post

I missed a few days again. Sorry, things have been bananas. Like today:I am in love. They grey will lighten up as it heals, and it will be un-shiny as soon as I no longer need to lotion it every … Continue reading

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Goodbye Home.

Oh noes! I missed two days! We’ll it’s not a failure in my book, I’ve just been BANANAS busy. Yesterday was spent all day moving. The internet was shut off early and we spent the whole day dealing with movers, … Continue reading

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PCSing & Friendship

Making good friends is hard enough. Moving every three or so years to a whole new part of the country (or world) means you have to make new best friends. Tonight was the second time since we arrived on Okinawa … Continue reading

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

To move to the other side! sorry that wasn’t funny. PCS is in full swing! Our express shipment has been packed up and sent out. Today the military came and picked up our government furniture (fridge, stove & washing machine). … Continue reading

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3 year adventure in hair!

One of our first days in Okinawa, almost 3 years ago. Early February 2008. I think this is my natural hair color. November 2008. Decided to go short.Winter 2008 lightening the colorMay 2009, super dooper shortJuly 2009, Back to brown, … Continue reading

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I’m going to try to do NaBloPoMo this year, Even though I am already 2 days off. It’s going to be super hard because we are moving this month from Okinawa to Montana. Actually the movers come tomorrow to pick … Continue reading

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