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Evelyn – 14 Months

Today Evelyn is 14 months old. Its incredible to see how much she has grown. She is walking and running, climbing and being a little monkey. She has 4 bottom teeth now and 2 top, about to cut a third. … Continue reading

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Winter Blues- update

I think I am back, hopefully I can get to posting again. I have been knee deep in the winter blues, and sickness. What started as a cold, turned into a sinus infection, and then turned into an upper respiratory … Continue reading

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Let’s be honest

I haven’t been writing much, I struggle each week to get Evey’s weekly posts done, I don’t have a whole lot else going on, besides her right now. I keep telling myself that her weekly posts are going to be … Continue reading

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An Update on Me and a Link-up

Things have been a little busy here the last few weeks and blogging has obviously taken a back seat. Our PCS plans have been nothing short of nerve wracking. I’ll elaborate more on this, eventually, but now is not a … Continue reading

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My neck of the woods

I’ve been so busy with Princess Stinky Pants, that I haven’t really written much lately, beyond baby updates. Well that’s not true. I wrote a big long post the other night about co-sleeping, but it got eaten by the blogger … Continue reading

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6 Months

My silly little princess.  At your six month appointment you weighed in at a whopping 15 pounds, and you are 25 3/4 inches tall.   Evelyn likes: trying to feed herself everything putting things in her mouth grabbing dog jowls grabbing people faces … Continue reading

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Evelyn: 26 Weeks

New this week:  We are now co-sleepers, as this is the only way I get any sleep.  (I’m okay with it, for now)

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Evelyn: 25 weeks

New this week:Evelyn learned she can un-velcro her diapers… – AlanaI was inspired to do these weekly posts by Erica at To The SeaI hope to one day have them published into a book for Evelyn

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Evelyn: 24 weeks

New: Started reaching for me to pick her up And she can sit upright on her own! 

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Wednesday Walkabout

I will use the opportunity to share with you my updated About Me section. Check it out, Enjoy.   

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