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I cracked the code!

I am sure simply by writing about this I am going to jinx it and tomorrow will be a total fail. But… I cracked Evey’s nap time code! Since the beginning I’ve just let Evey do what she wants, she eats … Continue reading

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I need to take notes

When I lay in bed at night, sometimes at like 1 am I get these great ideas for blogs, and they sound just amazing. But I don’t write them down. Morning comes, and I cannot remember my great idea. I hope it comes … Continue reading

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My bed. I read an article on my phone in bed last night before I went to sleep. It was about lucid dreams and controlling your dreams. It made me think of my dreams. I am almost always aware I … Continue reading

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How to wake your human, A lesson from AIko McCawley

Aiko gives the stink eye to all who do not rise from the bed when she is ready to get up. This morning started like many other, I wanted to sleep in and Renji said no, so he got put … Continue reading

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Something else I love

I love our bedroom. It’s so fancy. (the pillows on the bed are hard to see because they are in dark burgundy cases, I still need to get the shams that match the bedspread.)

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Uggh insomnia

It’s 0647 and I’ve been awake ALL night

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Coming Soon

I’ve infused some olive oils.  They will take about two weeks to set, but I am really excited.  but tonight I need to sleep, I am seriously lacking on sleep. It’s been close to three weeks since I have slept … Continue reading

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today was just a bad day, i woke up at 3 am and the room was spinning (and no mom i wasnt drunk/hungover) i didnt know why it was happening. i got up to pee and i fell in the … Continue reading

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