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OkiNinjaKitty- Life in Okinawa, after the military

Today I would like to introduce you to Kathryn, a blogger/vlogger located in Okinawa, Japan. Kathryn creates informational posts and videos about Okinawa, everything from exciting things to do, places to eat, and even basic japanese. Kathryn has been living … Continue reading

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Pinterest mapping in a foreign language

Incase you missed it Pinterest rolled out Pinterest Maps, SUPER COOL! I am a travel nerd and many of my future plans involve travel, If we won the lottery I would spend most of it traveling, I am sure of … Continue reading

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Reenlistments? Promotions?

There is a lot going on in our household right now. One of the bigger and possibly life altering things is Reenlistment. Paul is due to reenlist this fall, and with all the stupid shit of being on recruiting duty and being over … Continue reading

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Homesick for Okinawa

I shouldn’t try to hide it. I’ve been a little down lately. I really miss Okinawa. I miss the whole island lifestyle. I miss living a mile from the ocean. I miss the big shopping centers. I miss the fresh … Continue reading

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My baby sister got married.

Wednesday November 23, My sister became the 6th woman in our family to get married on this day.  ❤ My father walked her down the isle They said their vows  My parents saw their baby get married.  We took fun pictures  … Continue reading

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Goodbye Home.

Oh noes! I missed two days! We’ll it’s not a failure in my book, I’ve just been BANANAS busy. Yesterday was spent all day moving. The internet was shut off early and we spent the whole day dealing with movers, … Continue reading

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Today was a day

This morning Paul left for San Diego for Recruiters School. It was a long day, he almost missed his flight. Then I ran a lot of errands because we have a typhoon coming. Yeah, first typhoon ever and Paul leaves … Continue reading

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I am going to try to get more active on here (like I don’t already have enough to do…) but M-F I will be trying to post about specific things (or not so specific, you’ll see) Wednesday is now Japan … Continue reading

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Sister’s Coming To OKINAWA!

Andrea will be here in 2 days woot! and her room is ready! my favorite thing about her room is the rug the curtains are pretty sweet too!

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Japanese Word of the day

I need to learn Japanese, lets learn together!!! (cause i’m a dork like that) Kawaii (ka-wa-eeeee) – cute, usually referring to clothing, food, toys, apperrance, behavior or in my case today it was directed toward Aiko, cause she is cute! … Continue reading

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