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A week via Instagram

Only in Montana, a decorated ice machine I made Irish Car Bomb cupcakes So excited for St. Pattys mmm… Belgian White Amber Teething necklace Lavender Martini in a Lavender sugar rimmed glass excited for bath time found her tongue My BFF

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Weather App

I’m a bit obsessed with the weather. Perhaps it’s because I live somewhere with such miserable and unpredictable weather. Or maybe because it really influences how I feel for the day. Warm and sunny- happy; cold and overcast- bleh. My … Continue reading

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Another Tuesday, Another Instagram link up! Taco enjoying the sunny spot and a ballon string, in a pile of baby stuff that I was trying to sort. Renji-sarus-rex took his sisters piggy from her and fell asleep with it in … Continue reading

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Go find Jane’s blog and play along!  You can follow me on instagram: AlanaMarie26 It’s been a while since I did this so I am going to throw up some randoms from the last month or so.  This was on … Continue reading

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Follow me on instagram – AlanaMarie26 1. Days on Recruiting Duty left. (this was taken on Sept 3, so we are now at 680 days or 61.99% complete) 2. My snuggle bunny Aiko.  4. Renji wanted to drive home from HomeDepot. Don’t … Continue reading

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Go link up with tanigamala for insta-tuesday!and follow me on instagram AlanaMarie26 I decided to fill up the swimming pool on the deck. Sadly we are on a well and well water is REALLY REALLY COLD. Also the place (on … Continue reading

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Insta Tuesday!

I Love me some instagram! find me: AlanaMarie26 Paul had to work the Great Falls fair so I drove up for some fair food, and I found some Llamas! Drive to Great Falls Llamas, and Sheep and Goats! Oh My! … Continue reading

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