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Fifty Shades of Grey

Everyone is reading it, Everyone is blogging it. Are you? Source: via Alana on Pinterest If you haven’t read it, it’s the story of Ana Steel, a young, passive, shy, almost college grad and her whirlwind romance (can you … Continue reading

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Read the book first?

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately that have been made into movies. I like books where I can watch the movie and see someone else’s vision. Source: Uploaded by user via Amber on Pinterest I’ve read all the Harry Potter, … Continue reading

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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo *no spoiler*

I saw this movie last night. Holy Shit. I have always enjoyed watching movie adaptations of books I have read, although I am also strongly critical of them. I’ll sit though the movie and critique it, whisper to whom ever … Continue reading

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Blue Valentine

I just watched this movie, and holy shit is it depressing. It took me several days to finish it because I just don’t seem to have a lot of time to just sit and watch a movie. I like movies … Continue reading

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Movie List

I have been working on my Day Zero Project {101 in 1001} I completed making my movie list. And I have already started watching my movies too! # – 127 hrs {x} A – Apt Pupil B – Burlesque {x} … Continue reading

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Things I am looking forward to…

Day 3: Things I am looking forward to {picture taken in the snow for dramatic effect} Last night Paul and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s our date night tradition, we go and we have fried pickles and enjoy … Continue reading

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Lists and movies!

30 days of lists, day 2 Things I am good at: ˚napping ˚not getting lost ˚knitting ˚making lists ˚wasting time ˚making a mess ˚cooking ˚making pico de gallo ˚sleeping in! well that there is todays list, I am also already … Continue reading

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