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Enchilada Soup

The last few weeks I’ve been throwing things in the crock pot and hoping for the best. Tonight it was a mish-mash of chicken and mexican stuff. 2 Chicken Breasts, canned olives w/jalapeno, can of rotel tomatoes (hot), can of … Continue reading

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Good luck on the horizon

So I’m a little supersticious and some things get to me more than others. Black cats don’t mean anything to me, but these guys, Praying Mantis? They are awesome, I’m not sure where it comes from but they are good … Continue reading

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It’s A Bugs Life

While the rain stopped and the clouds parted for a few days, there have been some amazing things to be seen around my house Butterflies (mating?) frogs eating the yucky bugs outside my kitchen door and a visit from a … Continue reading

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