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Checking in on my 30 in 30

1. Have a Baby! … Done!  2. Go fishing and catch something… not yet, maybe this summer 3. Try (really try) to enjoy our last winter in Montana. … I’m trying, so hard, but it’s so cold! 4. Go to at least … Continue reading

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9 week to do list

9 weeks until Baby E’s scheduled arrival. So give or take a few days (or weeks, I guess) I have 9 weeks to prep, and 9 weeks left to do my own thing. I have one more week of work, … Continue reading

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Thirty in Thirty

1. Have a Baby!  2. Go fishing and catch something 3. Try (really try) to enjoy our last winter in Montana. 4. Go to at least one national park.  5. Loose the baby weight, however much it may be.  6. … Continue reading

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99 things

I’ve been slacking in the blog dept. so here’s a quickie. I got this from 90% Blonde.50 out of 99, aint half bad! 1. Started your own blog2. Slept under the stars3. Played in a band4. Visited Hawaii5. Watched a meteor shower6. Given more than … Continue reading

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List of a different kind!

I again apologize for not posting often, I’ve been wrapping up school, still not feeling well, and trying to have a life outside of the internet. Today I’d like to start out with a different list, this one isn’t part … Continue reading

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A few lists

Between work, school and e-coli, I’ve neglected the blog again. Sorry. In bigger news, Sunday April 3rd my sister celebrated her birthday and got engaged! I’m so excited, I get to help her plan her wedding! (and her beau is … Continue reading

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My Least favorite words!

Day 6 : least favorite words

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