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Winter Blues- update

I think I am back, hopefully I can get to posting again. I have been knee deep in the winter blues, and sickness. What started as a cold, turned into a sinus infection, and then turned into an upper respiratory … Continue reading

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Yeah, we skipped it.  I know my porch is a mess. And now it’s covered in snow. This was at 10pm, looks like about 1/2 an inch. Now it’s midnight and we are closer to if not past 3 inches. … Continue reading

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My neck of the woods

I’ve been so busy with Princess Stinky Pants, that I haven’t really written much lately, beyond baby updates. Well that’s not true. I wrote a big long post the other night about co-sleeping, but it got eaten by the blogger … Continue reading

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Montana, you’re makin me crazy!

I shouldn’t be surprised, It snowed last year on Memorial Day weekend.But this year was a bit much. I am super excited to be moving this fall. This started the night of May 23(I know I am way behind on … Continue reading

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How goes it in Montana?

We are still waiting on orders to Camp Pendleton. Hoping to get them any day now, but realistically since we are not moving until after October, we may not get orders until Augustish, or later. We have not really done … Continue reading

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Weather App

I’m a bit obsessed with the weather. Perhaps it’s because I live somewhere with such miserable and unpredictable weather. Or maybe because it really influences how I feel for the day. Warm and sunny- happy; cold and overcast- bleh. My … Continue reading

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Winter is horrible

As we prepare to move to yet another location in the Great White North, I have been pondering weather patterns. Everyone from around here says “Butte is way colder than Helena”.  Current temp via weather app on my Mac Book … Continue reading

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Tucson Travels Part 2

When I left you yesterday I was wearing a cute fake preggo belly, oh that was fun, and hysterical. It didn’t take long for my sister to get into town, she showed up a few days after me. And our first … Continue reading

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Double Rainbow!

After our nasty Memorial Day weekend weather, Monday the clouds parted for a brief moment and gave way to a beautiful double rainbow! Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook! -Alana

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Just a Picture Post

It’s another cold and dark day here, so I’ll entertain myself with some pictures. Last week: Sunny. And our closest neighbor to the east is a world away.  Our neighbor to the West is almost as far away. This is … Continue reading

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