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Military Monday Link-up

This weeks questions:Do you live on base/post/fort or away from the military world? What factors did you consider when deciding where you would live? Was one more affordable than the other? Did it help/hinder your family situation? What things would be helpful for others … Continue reading

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Moving My Military Family (part 1, early preparation)

I can’t wait to cook at sea level again. We are currently at about 6,200 feet, and I have to adjust cooking times, and I burn a lot of things. I can’t even grill right. As I write this I … Continue reading

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Challis 2013

If you want you can read about our previous years (Challis 2011) and (Challis 2012). This was our third, and last year at Challis. Challis is an annual camping trip that “Recruiting Station Salt Lake” (who Paul works under) has … Continue reading

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Recruiting Duty

Recruiting Duty is hard on families. That’s no lie. But I can deal with the long hours, the stress, the cranky husband. But we have had to deal with more bullshit in the last two years than the entire 7 … Continue reading

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Where to next?

Well our time in Helena has been unexpectedly cut short. We are likely headed on a new adventure in the very near future. There have been rumors of someone being moved for the last few months. There are only a few recruiters … Continue reading

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Recruiting Duty (or I’m not #1)

I don’t want anyone to misinterpret this post, I am only complaining a little. This is mostly intended to be informative. I also do not hold any of this against my husband at all, I know this is just how … Continue reading

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It’s just part of his job

Recruiting Duty sucks.haha. Okay well I need to explain a bit first. For the USMC recruiting districts are broken up into 6 areas.We are in the 12th. Marine Corps District.In the 12th there is 8 main RS’s.Salt Lake, Seattle, Portland, … Continue reading

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Recruiting Duty

Recruiting duty is just a fact of life for a lot of military members who serve until retirement.  It’s no fun, but for us at least, It really could be worse. I’ve heard stories of ruined marriages, infidelity, depression, even suicide.  Paul and … Continue reading

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