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Belated Military Monday

I know I am late, I really wanted to get in on this Military Monday though so here we go: Did we plan our pregnancy? Yes. We had just returned from an overseas tour and we are both getting older, … Continue reading

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Glacier National Park (part 1)

For the first time since our Honeymoon in 2006 Paul and I went on a real overnight vacation. We’ve had lots of stay-cations and day-cations, we’ve road-tripped for work and to see family. But we’ve never had our own trip … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day!!

Evelyn would like to wish you and your family a Happy Fathers Day.  With a special shout out to all the first time daddies. – Alana

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Family Fun

Before Evelyn was born my family was in town. In fact they were in town just for her, but she decided to be a week late and arrived a mere 24ish hours before my sister had to go to the … Continue reading

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Evelyn Week 1

We made it through our first week as parents! Things are going great! I love our little Evey so much. She is so well behaved and so quiet. With the exception of a few short episodes, she isn’t fussy. We … Continue reading

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Evelyn’s Birth Story

I’m going to start with Wednesday early morning, I started having very mild contractions in the wee hours but they were very irregular, occasionally getting to between 4-7 min apart, but then they would go back to 8-10. I spent all day … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

I cant find the digital copies of the good pictures, and I’m too pregnant and lazy to scan the ones I have printed out, so this is what you get.  6 years ago, On November 23rd, Thanksgiving day, I married that … Continue reading

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Merry X-mas

Paul and I have never been huge on Christmas. We put up a tree, and buy a few presents, but it’s not been a huge deal to us. We don’t do a whole lot of decorating, besides the tree.  I … Continue reading

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Hello Baby! It’s time to start getting ready!

Well It’s October 1, and we have two months and one week until Baby E’s due date. I guess it’s time to start buying her stuff. I’ve had a really hard time with this, for a few reasons. Earlier it was … Continue reading

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A Promotion and some thoughts on Marriage.

My Marine got promoted to Gunnery Sergeant Wednesday. And he let me pin him!  I am so very proud of him and the things he has accomplished. Even being on Recruiting Duty, a notoriously hard assignment, he has managed to … Continue reading

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