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Slowly getting settled

The last two weeks have been a mess. Packing, unpacking, looking for my jacket, finding things I forgot I had. The actual move itself wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. They got all of our stuff packed, and delivered … Continue reading

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Winter is horrible

As we prepare to move to yet another location in the Great White North, I have been pondering weather patterns. Everyone from around here says “Butte is way colder than Helena”.  Current temp via weather app on my Mac Book … Continue reading

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On the move!

Well we lost the house that we had found, the one that was perfect. But we finally got funding to move so we spent last week on the house hunt again, and we found one. It’s small, smaller than we … Continue reading

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Where to next?

Well our time in Helena has been unexpectedly cut short. We are likely headed on a new adventure in the very near future. There have been rumors of someone being moved for the last few months. There are only a few recruiters … Continue reading

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Gates of the Mountain Boat tour

Last week Paul and I went on the boat tour at Gates of the Mountain. I first heard about it last year and was very excited to do it, but over the last year things have just not allowed us … Continue reading

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Money Matters

After the baby comes I will not go back to work in a regular setting. I may try to craft and sell my crafts, or baby sit, but we’ll see. It’s not like I make a shit load now, but … Continue reading

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It Is What You Make It

(Beating a dead horse, if you are a long time follower, I’ve been over this time and time again) “It is what you make it” I had uttered those words so many times while living in Okinawa, I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Corral Fire in Western Montana

We Have internet back! We only lost it for about 24 hours, which is quite a surprise to me, I expected us to be out until friday at least. Monday afternoon we had a wild fire start on Scratchgravel Hill … Continue reading

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Wildfire impairing my blogging

We’ve had a wildfire going just down the street. It looks mostly contained now, but it knocked out our Internet. I’ll update more when I have Internet again. I’ve got lots of pictures.

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Just a Picture Post

It’s another cold and dark day here, so I’ll entertain myself with some pictures. Last week: Sunny. And our closest neighbor to the east is a world away.  Our neighbor to the West is almost as far away. This is … Continue reading

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