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Wordless Wednesday

We kennel the dogs when we leave the house, Renji eats everything, and Aiko sometimes has accidents (plus it’s not fair to just kennel one.) So we came home the other night and found this.  Apparently we weren’t paying attention … Continue reading

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Bad dog

I am so mad at this little guy right now.  See he has a tendency to get into shit. But I’m used to it. And to an extent my house is already baby proofed because we Renji proofed a long … Continue reading

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Go find Jane’s blog and play along!  You can follow me on instagram: AlanaMarie26 It’s been a while since I did this so I am going to throw up some randoms from the last month or so.  This was on … Continue reading

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Week in pictures

Incase you don’t follow me on instagram (alanamarie26) here is a quick picture update: Renji, pretending to nap during his nap time. Aiko however can’t keep her eyes open at bed time. I made spinach and swiss stuffed porkchops with … Continue reading

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Annual Challis Caping Trip 2012

We just got back from our Annual trip to Challis Hot Springs This is the post from last year: Challis Hot Springs 2011I took way more pictures last year so check them out. Our annual trip to Challis is for Paul’s Recruiter training, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Today was warm and fun for the doggies! 

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Naughty Doggies, Getting Schooled.

It’s not a huge secret that I have two unruly dogs.  They pretty much run the house, they do what they want, when they want.  They don’t listen much, they beg,  They are redonkulously annoying when it comes to toys … Continue reading

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I love my babies

Aiko & Renji being naughty Renji napping in the laundry Renji with cute feets Aiko sleeping on my pillow Taco helping me make the bed Aiko and her piggy on the bed I made.follow me on instagram: alanamarie26

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Polar Bear Pounce

You know that thing Polar Bears to do break though the ice to get to the seals so they can eat them? where they rear up on their back legs and pounce down on the front legs with great force? … Continue reading

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I have naughty little doggies

I love my doggies, but they are naughty little creatures and can’t be let to run amok through the house. We have an upstairs and downstairs, the down is rarely used except as access to the garage and the laundry … Continue reading

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