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Wordless Wednesday

We kennel the dogs when we leave the house, Renji eats everything, and Aiko sometimes has accidents (plus it’s not fair to just kennel one.) So we came home the other night and found this.  Apparently we weren’t paying attention … Continue reading

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I love my babies

Aiko & Renji being naughty Renji napping in the laundry Renji with cute feets Aiko sleeping on my pillow Taco helping me make the bed Aiko and her piggy on the bed I made.follow me on instagram: alanamarie26

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Polar Bear Pounce

You know that thing Polar Bears to do break though the ice to get to the seals so they can eat them? where they rear up on their back legs and pounce down on the front legs with great force? … Continue reading

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Saturday Snow Day

I am so sorry, this post has  been sitting on my laptop waiting for words since saturday. I fail miserably. But I have had a crazy busy week, and it’ll only get worse. We had snow saturday, that night we … Continue reading

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Spring = Babies!

Over the last 2 days I have seen lots of spring babies. Baby Turkeys Ducklings Geese Calves Even one that looks like Renji!

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Taco on Instagram

Taco is feeling a little under the weather. I may need to call the vet tomorrow, he’s been a sneezing machine. Licking his chops after eating: Extreme close-up: Handsome boy:

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Another Thing I will miss

Walking the cow (bull).This is a common sight here in suburban Okinawa. The farmers walk the livestock. I am not sure why, if it’s for exercise or if they are studding out the bulls, or just so they can have … Continue reading

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How many doggies do you count?

one? or is it two?there’s the sleepy Aiko peeking out from under the blanket!

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how our pack of monsters has grown

For many years, more than I can remember right now, we have had one little monster: He turned into a big monster: Two years ago upon arrival to Okinawa we added another little monster: And then we had the big … Continue reading

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It’s A Bugs Life

While the rain stopped and the clouds parted for a few days, there have been some amazing things to be seen around my house Butterflies (mating?) frogs eating the yucky bugs outside my kitchen door and a visit from a … Continue reading

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