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Bringing Back the Cast Iron

I’ve made a huge mistake. I have spent my whole adult life thinking that cast iron is for browning/cooking meat, and that when you season cast iron it is supposed to have a thick crust on it. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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Slowly getting settled

The last two weeks have been a mess. Packing, unpacking, looking for my jacket, finding things I forgot I had. The actual move itself wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. They got all of our stuff packed, and delivered … Continue reading

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DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent (and why it works)

There are dozens of recipes for Cloth Diaper Detergent out there. I have done tons of research over the last few weeks because I wanted to do it right. Also I wanted to know why you weren’t supposed to use certain things … Continue reading

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Lets blog about not blogging!

I’ve been MIA still, despite my best efforts I’ve really not been online at all much the last few weeks. I have over 350 (it was 400 this am) blogs to catch up on in Google Reader. I have barely … Continue reading

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Do you Pinterest just to Pin?

I like to think of myself as an active pinner. I find things on pinterest and actually cook them, or make them, or clean them. Here are some of my pin reviews: Source: via Alana on Pinterest Okay I … Continue reading

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DIY Soap

This is a followup to: She’s Crafty: Lets make our own soap Last week I ran out of laundry soap (oh noes!) So it was time to make more. This time I still followed the recipe at Being Creative: Homemade … Continue reading

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She’s Crafty: Lets make our own SOAP

This week I tried two new recipes: Dishwasher Detergent and Laundry SoapThey both have pretty much the same ingredients so here is a list of what I bought. Oh, and I halved each recipe, because I don’t clean often, and for … Continue reading

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Naughty Panda and how to clean up her mess

(that’s what we call Aiko when she is bad. she’s my naughty panda) Sometimes little miss princess pants has accidents. When she is home alone all day and she has to go she goes. But she has a tendency to … Continue reading

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I was very productive today!

Before this room (the dining room) had the treadmill against the wall that now has the wine rack, and the dining table was just shoved aside and totally inaccessible and unusable. I moved the treadmill to the living room and … Continue reading

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Day Twenty Two

Day 22 – A picture of something you wish you were better at Oh, I am a terrible housekeeper. My house is rarely clean. I will pick up in the morning and by the afternoon between the dogs emptying their … Continue reading

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