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Have you ever "found yourself" on google street view?

It’s not a big secret that I miss Okinawa tons, And I think I may have mentioned before that sometimes I like to get onto google maps and drive around Okinawa. Well the other night I was doing just that. … Continue reading

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OkiNinjaKitty- Life in Okinawa, after the military

Today I would like to introduce you to Kathryn, a blogger/vlogger located in Okinawa, Japan. Kathryn creates informational posts and videos about Okinawa, everything from exciting things to do, places to eat, and even basic japanese. Kathryn has been living … Continue reading

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Most Embarrassing Moment

I’m Co-Hosting! Go Link Up!  My most embarrassing moment of my life, unfortunately came after two too many beers.  The lesson of the story is don’t drink too much when you first arrive in a foreign country or you’ll make … Continue reading

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How I really feel about PCSing

I am totally excited to get out of Montana at the end of this year. Paul got web orders and we will be out of Montana by Thanksgiving. We will miss the Marine Corps Ball again this year, but our … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday… Everyday!

I am not sure where I discovered this iPhone app, but I love it.  It’s called TimeHop, and it’s the shit.  It goes back through your Facebook, Instagram, twitter, flickr and foursquare history and shows you what you posted in previous years … Continue reading

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I counted my chickens

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”…. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I am very sad, heartbroken, but I’ll survive. Our hopes of going back to Okinawa this fall have been broken. There is no openings for my … Continue reading

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Okinawa Dreamin’

I dreamt I was in Okinawa last night. Camp Courtney Beach, Okinawa 2008 Camp Courtney Okinawa Beach(first time at the beach in Okinawa) Over the last few months my obsessing over Okinawa has tapered off, but I still think about … Continue reading

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It Is What You Make It

(Beating a dead horse, if you are a long time follower, I’ve been over this time and time again) “It is what you make it” I had uttered those words so many times while living in Okinawa, I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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13th Week Baby Update

This week I am craving: Asian Food. Mostly Okinawa Soba, Taco Rice, wasabi anything, and tempura. mmm soba and gyoza Cuttlefish Curry and Naan  Oh and chili cheese fries from Wienersnitchel. It’s sad that I live in a town so … Continue reading

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Sometimes I over do it

The last few days I have been all alone, and not leaving the house, between  not wanting anything bad to happen and a monstrous cold sore I developed (and I am extremely vain, and I don’t want to be seen by anyone), I didn’t … Continue reading

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