Family Fun

Before Evelyn was born my family was in town. In fact they were in town just for her, but she decided to be a week late and arrived a mere 24ish hours before my sister had to go to the airport to leave. But the time they were around we did have fun.  I really fail at taking pictures when we are just around the house, which is mostly what we did, last minute baby prep and relaxing.

Andrea (my sister) and Renji helped model the Moby Wrap, so we would know how it looked.  (I know she isn’t wearing it 100% right, but if she were we would have never gotten Renji in.) 
Okay this next picture needs a little intro. There is this terrible, horrible, crude, rude, yet incredibly hilarious game out there called Cards Against Humanity. It’s just like Apples to Apples, but highly inappropriate. Well one night Paul, my Sister Andrea, BIL Matt, My Mom, and I all decided to play. 
I strongly suggest not playing with your mother unless she has a very good and slightly inapropriate sense of humor. 
Playing #CardsAgainstHumanity with your #mom gets really #awkward when she plays a hand like this. @andreanickle
My Mother won one a hand with this. 
We played for a few hours and laughed so hard I thought I would go into labor (I didn’t, but it was a good shot!) So much inappropriate hilarity. I strongly suggest you go get yourself a copy. 
You can download your own free copy of Cards Against Humanity here (you can buy it there too). Once you download it, put it on a thumb drive, take it to staples, or kinkos, or wherever and have them print it on cardstock. I was going to just print it at home, but there are quite a few black faced cards and those would use all my printer cartridges, which would cost more than the $6.50 Staples charged us. 
A few days later I had Evelyn. My dad arrived the day before, so he got to see her while she was still brand new.
Matt, Andrea, Me & Evelyn, and Paul
I look like hell.

My dad poses. Yes we are inside and my dad is wearing his coat.
He was cold the whole time in Montana. 
My mom, loving on her new granddaughter. 

Andrea, a new Auntie

Aunt Andrea and Uncle Matt

Grandma Linda

Grandpa Scott, pretending to be asleep, because that’s what Grandpas do.

“I was just resting my eyes!”

Auntie Andrea
This is a picture of my mom holding me when I was born. You can see that Evelyn got my head full of hair. 

Cute faces for Grandma

Look at that tiny baby

Uncle Matt seems to like her

First night home, chilling with Grandpa

Watching TV

Falling asleep for Grandma

I don’t know what my dad is doing here, he’s a silly guy.

My mom, with her Grand-dogs in her lap. 

More Grandma and Grand-dogs. 

And that’s about it for my family. Pauls mom has a little bit further to travel, so she is coming out soon, and his dad is going to come out in the next few months. We are also planning on driving out east sometime this summer, so Evey can meet the rest of her Uncles and her other Auntie. So more family meeting pictures will be up over the next few months, because Evey can’t wait to meet the rest of her family.

But Evey is loading her diaper so I must go now, oh the joys of motherhood!

– Alana


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  1. cyn knight says:

    what a great family!xxoo

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