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Tucson Travels Part 2

When I left you yesterday I was wearing a cute fake preggo belly, oh that was fun, and hysterical. It didn’t take long for my sister to get into town, she showed up a few days after me. And our first … Continue reading

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Hopes for the future

This is Andrea, She is my favorite sister. (and my only sister, but who’s counting)  I have been thinking a lot about the future lately, and I don’t hide the fact that I want to go back to Okinawa. Every … Continue reading

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Pineapple Park

Andrea and I went to the pineapple park, in the rain last weekend. we had a lot of fun, despite the rain.

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Sister’s Coming To OKINAWA!

Andrea will be here in 2 days woot! and her room is ready! my favorite thing about her room is the rug the curtains are pretty sweet too!

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Nothing Really!

Things are crazy, I am overwhelmed, I am in too deep, I am overextended in school. I don’t have time for a real post right now, but I am super excited to share that Woot! Andrea will be here so … Continue reading

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How to ruin your sisters life Part I

i had completely forgotten about this until my sister told me how i ruined christmas for her forever when she was very young, maybe 6 or 7, as she told me the story i began to remember the specifics. it … Continue reading

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