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Challis 2013

If you want you can read about our previous years (Challis 2011) and (Challis 2012). This was our third, and last year at Challis. Challis is an annual camping trip that “Recruiting Station Salt Lake” (who Paul works under) has … Continue reading

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camping with baby

When I learned that we would be camping for 5 days with a 6 month old I almost didn’t go. I wanted to bail and let my husband go on his own. But what kind of wife would I be … Continue reading

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Annual Challis Caping Trip 2012

We just got back from our Annual trip to Challis Hot Springs This is the post from last year: Challis Hot Springs 2011I took way more pictures last year so check them out. Our annual trip to Challis is for Paul’s Recruiter training, … Continue reading

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Challis Hot Spring Camping Trip

Each year the unit that Paul recruits out of goes on a big huge camping trip.They are based out of SLC, but the Marines are spread though much of the north-west.We all met together in Challis Hot Springs, Idaho for … Continue reading

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Shit I hate sunday

Since I just got back from camping I’m going do do a SIHS camping edition: Shit I hate! Mosquitos Shit I hate! Sunburns Shit I hate! rocks under my sleeping bag Shit I hate! Running out of vodka Shit I … Continue reading

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