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Shark in my teaĀ  At Urgent Care šŸ˜¦Ā  I wonder what she dreams aboutĀ  Renji was asleep like this #derp healthiest meal of the day! (ask me if you have any questions) glass of moscato at the hair salon over … Continue reading

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Almost all Evey pictures, but that’s where my world revolves currently. Dragon ball Z outfit Granny got her the cutest bright red overall dressĀ  Spent most of the day sick and in my arms And then she learned to climb…

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Friday Letters & workout plan.

Dear Marine Corps, Will you please at least give us web orders so we can apply for housing, so we have somewhere to live when we get to Cali? I’ve been told the wait list is lightyears long, and we … Continue reading

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Dear Friday

Dear Blog Audience Please forgive me as I am likely to continue with the sparse posting, we have so much going on over the next two months, I will post as often as I can find time. Dear Heartburn I hope the old … Continue reading

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Friday Letters

Dear Baby, you should move around more, I get anxious when you sleep. Dear Husbeast, just a little over one more year of this shit(1 yr 3 mo), then we can go back to marital bliss, and leave Recruiting Duty behind. Dear … Continue reading

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Friday Letters

Dear Husband, I could really use some help sometimes. Also this help would be way more appreciated (and WAY less stressful) if it could be done without you loosing your temper. I know you hate dishes, so do I, but … Continue reading

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Fill in the blank Friday: If I were to have a dinner party

Go join the link up @ The little things we do I would invite…. All of my friends from all of the places we have lived. I would fly in people who are in New England, North Carolina, Arizona, California, … Continue reading

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Friday Letters

My first time doing Friday Letters, I hope you enjoy.  Dear Montana,It’s May. This is unacceptable. My house is at 3900 feet. I am supposed to run away this weekend but with this shit we may not make it. Dear … Continue reading

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Fill in the blank friday

1.  Today is a good day because   I’m off work and I don’t have to work tomorrow. We are going to invite some friends over, and relax!   . 2.   The best thing I did all week was     got some nap time … Continue reading

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I need glasses

I made it almost 30 years without needing glasses. But I’ve been getting headaches and my most recent eye exam showed an astigmatism and a very low prescription needed. Mostly I will need them for reading, computer use and night driving. I … Continue reading

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