Winter Blues- update

I think I am back, hopefully I can get to posting again. I have been knee deep in the winter blues, and sickness. What started as a cold, turned into a sinus infection, and then turned into an upper respiratory infection, all over the course of about a month. It finally caught up with me, not being able to breathe, and not being able to get anything done around the house, and barely being able to keep up with Evelyn, I finally went to the doctor and began antibiotics, Slowly I have been improving, and after an antibiotic change I think I feel 100% again, but it’s been so long since I felt better I am not sure. So between being knee deep in snow, seriously almost a foot this week, and the winter blues, I am so ready to move to Southern California, where it never will snow. I check the weather every day, it’s so beautiful in Oceanside, and our forecast is calling for more snow. 

Yeah, I can’t even make this shit up.
Saturday Morning 
Saturday Morning
Tuesday Morning
more snow, yay (heavy with the sarcasm)

But things are still looking good for our move, we should leave Montana some time in early/mid april and we will begin our trek across country to visit Evey’s Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts. Then we will head back west to Camp Pendleton. To say I am excited is an understatement. I have a countdown on my phone and We have about 60 days left until we leave! 

except I don’t think we’ll go through vegas on our way down, we’ll just drive through northern arizona like we usually do.
Its going to be a huge pain in the ass at first because we will be driving 2 cars, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 baby from Montana to Arizona, then leaving one car and the animals at my parents house and my sisters place. Then picking them back up on our way to California. 

For our short time left here in Montana, I hope the weather improves so we can have some nice weekends to spend outdoors with our friends, and Evey’s little boy friend, before we move. It really sucks that both places we lived here in Montana, we start making friends when we are about to leave.

Bloody Marys Count as a Salad
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Project 52: Week 4

I’ve been battling a sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection this week so I haven’t taken many pictures. But I am finally on the road to recovery (i hope) so maybe we’ll have more quality pictures next week. 
This is an icicle in my back yard, doesn’t even begin to describe how cold it is. 

#chocolatechipcookies #ftw #foodporn #baking #cookies #everybodylovescookies
I did make cookies for the Super Bowl though! 
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life rearranged

Ahhhh! There's a shark in my tea  #shark #greentea #mustgetcaffeine
Shark in my tea 
At the doctor earlier today. She looks so sad and helpless.
At Urgent Care 😦 
I wonder what she #dreams about #naptime
I wonder what she dreams about 
Totally just caught my dog asleep like this. #derp #bostonterrier #ilovemydog #ilovemydog #whut
Renji was asleep like this #derp
@shakeology #healthiestmealoftheday and it tastes good too! #lunch
healthiest meal of the day!
(ask me if you have any questions)
Getting my hair and brows done #hairsalon #moscato
glass of moscato at the hair salon
At least It's very pretty today. #overit #isitspringyet
over it, so over it
I sure do have a lot of clothes for someone who doesn't get dressed everyday. #captainlazypants #sorrynotsorry #clothes
for someone who doesn’t even get dressed everyday, I have a lot of clothes
#weather #instaweather #instaweatherpro #outdoors #followme #photooftheday #amazing #walkerville #unitedstates #day #winter #morning #cold #us
Today it’s a bit chilly out there! 

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Project 52, Week 4

my favorite photo of the week

View past weeks here – Project 52

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Erin Condren Life Planner

I started looking for a new planner before christmas. Not many stores to buy local here but I searched anyway. I didn’t really find anything I really liked. I have looked high an low on the internet and I kept coming back to Erin Condren. I really didn’t want to spend $50 on a planner, but I really liked it, and I had read such amazing things about it. One of my biggest problems (besides the price) was that I didn’t know if I would use it the whole year. I found that lots of people say the same thing, they aren’t loyal planner users and weren’t sure they could stick with it, but I found several “update” reviews where they had talked about how they continued to use it and enjoyed it. So I decided to take the leap. 
I ordered on January 7th, it shipped January 15th and arrived today, January 21. 
the box!
(oh dear,  my table is dirty)
table is so dirty because baby hands are on everything

That’s me!
The front and back are hard laminated so it’s not tearing off or getting water damaged
place for lost and found info

Evey wants to see more

quick year breakdown
inspirational quotes on each month
lined pages for notes ,there are also a couple totally blank pages after these
love this, important numbers, emergency contacts, even lost or stolen credit card contact numbers
there is also a whole page of “birthday” stickers and a page of blank stickers
pockets and pouches!
these were inside the zipper pouch
I also had a nice little surprise in my box

not sure if I got them because I am special, or if they are included in the boxes, but these are super cute! 
2 things.
1. Knowing now that it’s a 2 week turnaround I would have asked for my planner to start on February. The one I received starts in the month of January but actually the very first page is the last week of December and it goes until the end of December 2014. So I am thinking if mine started in February, the first page would have been the last week of January, and it would extend 12 months until January 2015. That would have been perfect. 
2. It’s smaller than I thought it would be. I expected that it would be the size of a standard notepad 8×11 inches but it is 7.25 x9.25 I don’t know why I thought it would be bigger, because it even says the size on the product listing. But I am happy that it’s smaller than I thought, this will fit much better in my purse or diaper bag. 
If you are interested in an Erin Condren product you can get $10 off through her “Refer A Friend program”   by opening a new account through that link both you and I get a $10 credit! Sweet! 
*I was not compensated to write this review, these are my own ideas and I paid for my own product*

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life rearranged

Almost all Evey pictures, but that’s where my world revolves currently.
Dragon ball Z outfit
Granny got her the cutest bright red overall dress 
Spent most of the day sick and in my arms
And then she learned to climb…

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12 Months

Evey Likes: 
Running through the house
Playing in the dog water
Eating vanilla greek yogurt
Evey dislikes:
Having the yogurt cleaned off her face
the baby gates that keep her out of the bathrooms
Getting into the carseat

This year has just flown by. I am so excited that you are growing, but at the same time I miss my quiet little baby. You are so rambunctious, into everything. You certainly keep us on our toes. You are so much fun to be around though, and you have the brightest personality. You always make everyone smile, and you love to laugh, especially while you chase the dogs. We always get compliments on what a good, quiet and happy baby you are. We love you so much, and no matter how big you get you will always be my little girl. 
Love, Mommy
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