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Taco on Instagram

Taco is feeling a little under the weather. I may need to call the vet tomorrow, he’s been a sneezing machine. Licking his chops after eating: Extreme close-up: Handsome boy:

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I have a tummy ache. that is all.

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Next time you worry about germs

did you know that when Europeans came to the Americas that roughly 9 out of every 10 people were killed. The numbers are estimated around 75 Million people inhabited the Americas (North, South & Central) and 90% of them died. … Continue reading

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Things have been crazy here, Paul’s getting ready to deploy, he’s been training like crazy, we’ve been trying to squeeze every second we can from the time we have. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve been sick, not coughing sick, it’s … Continue reading

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i’ve had some shit going on lately, stuff i don’t feel like getting into right now. maybe later, maybe never. please forgive me if i post and it’s all depressing, or doesnt make sense. right now I just want to … Continue reading

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today was just a bad day, i woke up at 3 am and the room was spinning (and no mom i wasnt drunk/hungover) i didnt know why it was happening. i got up to pee and i fell in the … Continue reading

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weekend wrap-up

well its been one heck of a couple of weeks, after i went to the doctor in the previous post i got sicker. i am convinced it was one of those sick kids that were touching everything while i waited … Continue reading

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