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I counted my chickens

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”…. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I am very sad, heartbroken, but I’ll survive. Our hopes of going back to Okinawa this fall have been broken. There is no openings for my … Continue reading

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My moving (PCS) tips

I considered this move our trial move, a move to get us ready for our big move at the end of the year. We only moved an hour and a half away but we got to use TMO (where the … Continue reading

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Slowly getting settled

The last two weeks have been a mess. Packing, unpacking, looking for my jacket, finding things I forgot I had. The actual move itself wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. They got all of our stuff packed, and delivered … Continue reading

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We have Internets!

Well I have internet again! and we are mostly unpacked! and we have a huge section of ‘Yard Sale’ stuff! I’m still trying to catch up here at the house though. I’ll try to get some posts up in the … Continue reading

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On the move!

Well we lost the house that we had found, the one that was perfect. But we finally got funding to move so we spent last week on the house hunt again, and we found one. It’s small, smaller than we … Continue reading

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Military WifeStyle

Well since my URL is Confessions of a Marine Wife, I guess I should occasionally talk about the military WifeStyle.I don’t think I am the typical military wife. For several reasons.  Most wives I meet have been with their husbands since the beginning of … Continue reading

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One Year!

Happy One Year, Home!  One year ago today we moved into our home. I still remember when I first saw it. I cried. I knew it was the home for us. And things have worked out well. We’ve been here … Continue reading

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