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We have Internets!

Well I have internet again! and we are mostly unpacked! and we have a huge section of ‘Yard Sale’ stuff! I’m still trying to catch up here at the house though. I’ll try to get some posts up in the … Continue reading

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On the move!

Well we lost the house that we had found, the one that was perfect. But we finally got funding to move so we spent last week on the house hunt again, and we found one. It’s small, smaller than we … Continue reading

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Military WifeStyle

Well since my URL is Confessions of a Marine Wife, I guess I should occasionally talk about the military WifeStyle.I don’t think I am the typical military wife. For several reasons.  Most wives I meet have been with their husbands since the beginning of … Continue reading

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One Year!

Happy One Year, Home!  One year ago today we moved into our home. I still remember when I first saw it. I cried. I knew it was the home for us. And things have worked out well. We’ve been here … Continue reading

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Another year later

Almost a year ago we moved out of our Okinawa, Japan home. I loved that home. I loved my neighborhood. I love my neighbor. I loved my windows that wouldn’t open. I loved my shower that watered the whole bathroom. … Continue reading

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POTD: Time Travel Thursday!

Three years ago (approx.): Paul and I began on our cross country adventure from MA to VA then NC over to AZ then up to ID and finally Seattle to fly to Okinawa. Two years ago: Paul and I were … Continue reading

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Adventure to Big Sky Country

Well it’s the new year. Happy 2011! I failed at the blogging thing in November, but the move was just way too insane. Obviously we made it back to America safe and sound, the flight was long and boring but … Continue reading

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PCSing & Friendship

Making good friends is hard enough. Moving every three or so years to a whole new part of the country (or world) means you have to make new best friends. Tonight was the second time since we arrived on Okinawa … Continue reading

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

To move to the other side! sorry that wasn’t funny. PCS is in full swing! Our express shipment has been packed up and sent out. Today the military came and picked up our government furniture (fridge, stove & washing machine). … Continue reading

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I’m going to try to do NaBloPoMo this year, Even though I am already 2 days off. It’s going to be super hard because we are moving this month from Okinawa to Montana. Actually the movers come tomorrow to pick … Continue reading

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