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Another Thing I will miss

Walking the cow (bull).This is a common sight here in suburban Okinawa. The farmers walk the livestock. I am not sure why, if it’s for exercise or if they are studding out the bulls, or just so they can have … Continue reading

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The Junkyard

I always complain when Paul drags me to a junkyard. But part of me enjoys it, if only for a few minutes (until I get hot). I think it’s cool how they stack the cars up, they look like they … Continue reading

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The View

I’ve started jogging almost daily. I took my camera with me one day because I love the things I see. This is what Paul likes to call “jungle nom” the jungle is working on taking back the island in some … Continue reading

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Misc Picture Updates

Before Paul left, we went to the Kokusai St. Eisa festival. It was really neat. (considering I was really hungover) Then we walked fifty hundred miles trying to get home because we wanted to leave early before our bus. We … Continue reading

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Good luck on the horizon

So I’m a little supersticious and some things get to me more than others. Black cats don’t mean anything to me, but these guys, Praying Mantis? They are awesome, I’m not sure where it comes from but they are good … Continue reading

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Typhoon Tuesday

21 days ago we had a weak ass tropical storm roll through. Today we have a typhoon. Typhoon Kompasu is blowing through as I type. Right at the top of hte storm if you look close you can see some … Continue reading

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Pictures and Update

Not too much going on here, The dogs are doing good. Renji and Aiko, still love each other (most of the time) Okinawa has elephant shaped clouds And really pretty regular clouds Sunabe Gyro, has the best Gyros this side … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Tuesday

My pictures suck, I don’t know why I didn’t take a movie, but if you look at the trees in the background you can see them swaying. We had a visit yesterday/today from Tropical Storm Dianmu. The wind was so … Continue reading

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Beach with the Pups

Today was the first day we took Renji to the beach. He took to the water like a fish. He jumped, and hopped and plopped in the water. Aiko showed him how to swim. I even got them to pose … Continue reading

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I don’t know what I want

Our City: (Gushikawa) This impending doom of a move has really taken a hold of me, stressed me out, stretched me thin, and mostly made me think about how I will miss it here. Then Paul throws me a curve … Continue reading

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