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My Town Monday Link Up

My Town Monday Link-up,Nothing Fancy, just share a post about where you live.I started this because I am not too fond of where we are living in Montana, it’s a very nice place to visit, I just don’t want to … Continue reading

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Montana, you’re makin me crazy!

I shouldn’t be surprised, It snowed last year on Memorial Day weekend.But this year was a bit much. I am super excited to be moving this fall. This started the night of May 23(I know I am way behind on … Continue reading

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Macro Photography

I got a new lens last weekend A Tamaron SP Di Macro I love taking pictures with my Nikon D3000 but I really like taking pictures of the little things, the things that you don’t notice when you pass something … Continue reading

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Work it Gurl!

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking/walking lately. I live really close to a very nice trail that runs down the very steep hill I live atop. I think the elevation change is around 200 feet  and down and back … Continue reading

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How goes it in Montana?

We are still waiting on orders to Camp Pendleton. Hoping to get them any day now, but realistically since we are not moving until after October, we may not get orders until Augustish, or later. We have not really done … Continue reading

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Housing issue hopefully solved

Things are coming together for us on the homefront. I looked at a house wednesday that I think we are going to rent. We‘ll travel back down next week so my husband can have a look at the house, and … Continue reading

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Where to next?

Well our time in Helena has been unexpectedly cut short. We are likely headed on a new adventure in the very near future. There have been rumors of someone being moved for the last few months. There are only a few recruiters … Continue reading

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