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Weekend Goals

List 5: Weekend Goals These are my goals for the weekend, I know I have to work part of Saturday, and I may have to work Sunday so I may not get much done. But I’d really like to go … Continue reading

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Todays Playlist

Day 4- Todays Playlist: I just downloaded this album, I loved the music in the movie and it totally had me dancing in my seat. I can’t wait to listen to it, I may leave for work early so I … Continue reading

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Things I am looking forward to…

Day 3: Things I am looking forward to {picture taken in the snow for dramatic effect} Last night Paul and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s our date night tradition, we go and we have fried pickles and enjoy … Continue reading

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Lists and movies!

30 days of lists, day 2 Things I am good at: ˚napping ˚not getting lost ˚knitting ˚making lists ˚wasting time ˚making a mess ˚cooking ˚making pico de gallo ˚sleeping in! well that there is todays list, I am also already … Continue reading

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Two new projects.

I am going to follow Jackie‘s suggestion and do the 101 in 1001, the link is here. I think I am also going to do the 30 days of lists, I like lists, and lists are fun. Ashleigh and Alyssa … Continue reading

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Things I will do today.

I am determined to accomplish great things today. I have been a bump on a log and my house is a wreck. I don’t have to work so I will do amazing things with my time. Today I will excel … Continue reading

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Bucket List

Taken From Jackie things to do/places to go -skydive (again) -bungee jump -climb Mt. Fuji -Rome -Greece -Tuscany -London -Ireland -do a marathon -get my degree, and do something with it -own a house with a HUGE yard -Triathlon -get … Continue reading

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