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Military Monday

I’ve been traveling! Sorry for the un announced absence, but due to personal security I don’t like to reveal my travels before they happen. But I have a couple of cool posts coming up as soon as I can find … Continue reading

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Military Monday Link-up

This weeks questions:Do you live on base/post/fort or away from the military world? What factors did you consider when deciding where you would live? Was one more affordable than the other? Did it help/hinder your family situation? What things would be helpful for others … Continue reading

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Sunday Social

It’s been a long week, Paul and I have been doing our T-25 workout every day, I’ve lost about 3 pounds. Which is awesome since I am not following the diet. We haven’t done our measurements yet, probably should before … Continue reading

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Military Monday Link Up

Linking up over at Eights on the Move for Military Monday: Pack it up!  To kind of go with my theme of prepping for my PCS this weeks prompt seems appropriate. This week is all about packing, how do you … Continue reading

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Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions: 1. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but are afraid of?  I see a lot of people answering this question with Skydiving. I guess I am one of the few that have gone skydiving. (BTW- … Continue reading

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I’m a Hippy Dippy, Cloth Diapering, Baby Wearing, Co-Sleeping, Breast Feeding, Mama

Evey’s first cloth diaper. She’s about a week old. I don’t even know how it happened, I’m not overly earthy crunchy myself.  Each decision I have made in parenting has been for my own benefit. I breast feed, because it’s … Continue reading

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My Town Monday

Okay, I’m gonna try something new. Trying to make the most of our last few months in Montana, I’m going to do a few of these “My Town Monday” posts each month, maybe every other week. I’ll make them live … Continue reading

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