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Corral Fire in Western Montana

We Have internet back! We only lost it for about 24 hours, which is quite a surprise to me, I expected us to be out until friday at least. Monday afternoon we had a wild fire start on Scratchgravel Hill … Continue reading

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Wildfire impairing my blogging

We’ve had a wildfire going just down the street. It looks mostly contained now, but it knocked out our Internet. I’ll update more when I have Internet again. I’ve got lots of pictures.

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Just a Picture Post

It’s another cold and dark day here, so I’ll entertain myself with some pictures. Last week: Sunny. And our closest neighbor to the east is a world away.  Our neighbor to the West is almost as far away. This is … Continue reading

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It’s just part of his job

Recruiting Duty sucks.haha. Okay well I need to explain a bit first. For the USMC recruiting districts are broken up into 6 areas.We are in the 12th. Marine Corps District.In the 12th there is 8 main RS’s.Salt Lake, Seattle, Portland, … Continue reading

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Mixed Emotions

I sort of lied when I said I don’t have much going on right now. I actually have my mind running like crazy, but I don’t know where to begin. I’ve gone back to brown, I don’t know if I … Continue reading

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Recruiting Duty

Recruiting duty is just a fact of life for a lot of military members who serve until retirement.  It’s no fun, but for us at least, It really could be worse. I’ve heard stories of ruined marriages, infidelity, depression, even suicide.  Paul and … Continue reading

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Social Anxiety

I think I have a problem. (beware I’m putting my crazy out there today) I’ve never really had a problem making friends until I moved to Montana.Maybe because I was younger with all of our moves.Maybe because before now I … Continue reading

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