Baby Led Weaning

The other day I touched on Baby Led Weaning. I wanted to elaborate a little more on that. Many months ago we started our journey with baby led weaning (BLW) with asparagus.

Pretty much the basis of BLW is to let your child feed herself. They decided how much to eat, and when they are done eating. Part of the reason we went this way is that it is supposed to help grow kids with better eating habits, they like a wide variety of foods. They learn to feed themselves, they learn to stop when they are full, and they (supposedly) will be more apt to try new foods.

We rarely ever spoon fed Evelyn, for a short while we would feed her when she was eating pouched food, but now we just hand her the pouch and hope for the best. She is now pretty good with a spoon and shovels her yogurt into her mouth with only a little mess. Quite an improvement from when we first handed her the spoon and the bowl of yogurt.

much less mess, although the bowl and spoon have both been thrown to the dogs

 I also liked the idea because we didn’t have to buy baby food (but we still keeps some pouches on hand). You feed the baby what you eat. Early on this was hard, how are you going to feed a baby a hamburger, or chicken noodle soup? Things have gotten easier with time, also our dinner choices are a little better, I think, because I take into mind the things that Evey can’t  or shouldn’t eat. The other day we had pizza, Evey had pizza too, if we have spaghetti, so does she. Sometimes we will still make poor meal choices, or we will eat something that she has no interest in, and those nights se will get a pouch of pureed food.

There is tons of information on BLW, and I am not an expert, If you are interested I strongly recommend the book Baby Led Weaning . There are also several facebook pages and websites out there with more information, and precautions you should take when feeding your baby solid food.
So far I am really pleased with her progress, even before she had teeth she has been eating things like chicken and veggies. She loves fruit, and recently discovered kiwi. She’s not really a picky eater, one of her favorite meats is fish, of all shapes and sizes, halibut, cod, shrimp, yummy! I can’t wait to get her out to California where we will have so much more food to choose from.

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  1. Fe Adamsonn says:

    One of the biggest challenge in having a baby is the feeding. Good thing you manage it. I love the phone of your baby having a spoon and yogurt on her face, she looks so cute.

    Military spouse career

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