Ikea ANTILOP high-chair review

When I was researching introducing food to Evelyn I was drawn to Baby Led Weaning, which is more or less letting your baby feed herself. Well it can be very messy. Somewhere in the tons of information I was reading I saw someone recommend the Ikea ANTILOP highchair because it’s very easy to clean, there is no fabric besides the buckles, it’s all plastic and wipes down easy. And if necessary you can just put the whole thing into the shower or outside and hose it off! 
I was so sad that we don’t have an Ikea nearby, and at the time they didn’t have it available for online purchase (they do now!) So I sent my mom to Ikea, they were planning on driving up to visit us over the summer and I saw that as my opportunity to have the highchair I wanted delivered to my door! 

I love that it’s very simple, and very light weight. Ours gets a deep clean in the shower where I scrub every nook and cranny about once a week or so. I have never taken it apart but it looks like it should break down pretty easily. I should mention, although there are no buckles and straps in the one pictured, there are buckles on the one I have, you should make sure that yours has buckles because Evey has tried to climb out many times. I highly recommend this highchair, if you are looking for something simple and inexpensive that is 100% washable this is a great chair.

I was not compensated in any way for this review, this is entirely my own opinion. 

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  1. We have this high chair and we love it! So easy to clean and we have broken it down many times when we travel to see my family 🙂

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