The Legend of Ranger: The Reindeer who Couldn’t Fly

Not to long ago I was asked to review Retired Commanding General Alan Salisbury’s book The Legend of Ranger: The Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly. I was very excited when the book arrived in my mail box a few days ago and I promptly got to reading to to Evelyn each night. It took us about 4 nights to finish, but could easily be read in 1-2 nights depending on the reading level and attention span of the reader. Evelyn enjoys being read too, and I think she really liked this story, it gives you a behind the scenes peek at Santa’s workshop from the Ranger, one of the reindeer. 
We really enjoyed reading the adorable story about Ranger, who happens to be Rudolph’s brother, and his journey to try to learn to fly. Ranger is struggling with the fact that he doesn’t know how to fly, and is trying so hard to learn the secret to flight. One I night a couple other reindeer fall ill and it’s up to Ranger to secure the medicine for them as Christmas is fast approaching. Will Ranger save the day? Well I don’t want to ruin the needing for you!
It’s a very cute story and one I am sure we will read over and over again. 
You can get your own copy of the book from Amazon (but hurry if you want a copy because it looks like there are only a few left!)
I was provided with a copy of the book, free of charge for my review, all thoughts on the story are my own. 

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