Pinterest mapping in a foreign language

Incase you missed it Pinterest rolled out Pinterest Maps, SUPER COOL! I am a travel nerd and many of my future plans involve travel, If we won the lottery I would spend most of it traveling, I am sure of it.

*if you already have made some pin maps share them with me in the comments! I would love to see them!*

So anyway, as soon as I had a chance, I set out to make up my Japan travel board (because we all know I have an unhealthy relationship with the country). Almost immediately I ran into a problem. I don’t have a japanese keyboard, and even if I did, I don’t know how to spell Tokyo, or Mt. Fuji in Japanese. 

Well folks, I found a very round about away around not having japanese on my keyboard, and I’ll show you my work around. (BTW if you have an easier way of doing this please share with me!)
Follow the directions on Pinterest to start your first map, it’s okay I can wait, they have directions on how to do that…. 
Okay, you’re back already? Well than, lets go! 
(click on pictures to see larger images!!)
My Japan Pinterest Map

 Once you have your map set up you need to start adding places to it. You can move your map using your mouse and zoom using the +/- in the lower R corner

Lets add a place

Lets start with somewhere I have never been.

Never been to Kyoto? Check!

 Now what do I want to look at in Kyoto? How about historical places, you know, since I am a history major and all.

Oh No!

 You’ll see above that it’s kind of hard to search for general things, without knowing the exact name of what you are looking for, and in some cases, without having the name in the common spelling used in that country it can be difficult. I found some things you can work around, Like I was able to find Mt. Fuji, because I know where it is, but for some reason I had to zoom into the area while using the search “Current Map View”

Well I found a way to browse destinations, surrounding to areas I want to see.
 You’ll notice Pinterest Maps uses FourSquare, a maping app for your smart phone, where you can check into places and post pictures and such, great for stalking friends and family.

I don’t know if you need a foursquare account to do any of this, I have one, so you should too. 
So I decided to look at places around Hiroshima (I know it was Kyoto earlier, but I’ve never been here either.) Foursquare will automatically show me “Best Nearby” I really don’t know how they decide best? I think it may be the most popular for people checking in that current day. 

 (for this part of the search I have Google Translate turned on)

But I want to look for something that interests me. I’m a tourist so I want to go sight seeing.

 BAM! Look at that. Thank you Foursquare.

 Once i find something I am interested in, I turn off Google Translate (either turn if off at the top or right click and choose to turn it off on the little menu that pops up)
Next I highlight and copy the Japanese

Go back to your pinterest page and paste the japanese into your search menu, and Ta-Da!
I already know the map location I am looking for is the castle, because that’s what I wanted to see. 

Add your own description and then choose a picture

And you are done! 

Foursquare also has a few other cool ways of finding things. “More Like” “Places People Go After” and “Appears on XX Lists” the first two are self explanatory, the last is just where people can make lists of destinations, like favorite shopping places, or temples, or cheeseburger joints. All three of these are great ways to find more places to pin on your maps and explore areas.

I find this last part super useful for more than just Japan. Pinterest Maps doesn’t yet have a way to find similar things, or other pins in the area, so using foursquare you can see more destinations like the one you have just looked up.

I hope my little photo tutorial helped you, let me know if you have found an easier way to do it!

I am totally in love with Pinterest mapping and see myself staying up all night playing with it.

(this blog post is 100% my ideas and opinions, I have no relationship with Pinterest besides a mild addiction)

My Maps:
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And of course:

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  1. Kara says:

    Lets ditch the husbands and kids and take a trip to Japan. I only made it to Tokyo, but I still want to go to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and a few other places.

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