9 months

Tamale had her 9 month check up not to long ago. Shes 17 pounds 8oz and 27 3/4 inches long. 

Evelyn Likes: 
doggies kisses
playing outside
“walking” while holding on the the couch
Elmo’s World (just the theme song)
People Food (mainly: Toast & Chicken) 
She is also a big fan of pureed baby food
So I guess all kinds of food.
Evelyn Dislikes: 
Being in her car seat
When mommy and daddy workout
(we have to bribe her with crackers)
touching the grass

Dear Evelyn, 
You’ve been out as long as you were growing inside me. It’s so hard to believe, looking back pregnancy seemed so quick, but it feels like you have been in our lives for so long. Part of me feels like just yesterday you were this tiny peanut, sleeping in  my lap, but then there is part that feels like you have been here, making us laugh, forever. You are such a big girl now, you are standing unassisted, climbing things, playing with your toys and trying so hard to talk. No real concrete words yet, but you say mum mum and dadada a lot, but we are still not positive you mean us, I’m trying to teach you doggy too. You love the doggies. You are a crawling machine, you get across the  house with such ease now. We have a special “baby jail” made out of baby gates and furniture to barricade you in one area.  Every day is a new adventure for you, you love exploring and finding new things to get into. I really need to get on top of baby proofing since we are going to be here all winter. 

She touched the grass. 

it’s okay now


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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