Stepping out of my comfort zone

I’m shy, but I love being around people.
It’s hard to explain. I don’t think I have social anxiety because I love going to restaurants, parties, hanging out with friends, I worked in customer service, I’m really great at talking to people. Once I am doing something social I enjoy it, but getting myself to do the social thing is hard. I get anxiety just thinking of getting ready to go somewhere where there will be lots of people. In Oki, Paul and I and our friends went out almost every Friday night. I would have anxiety the whole time I was getting ready to go out, but once we got out with our friends I was fine. I’m like an introverted extrovert. Thinking about moving to California, where I already know people through the Marine Corps family, but most of which I have never actually met in real life scares the crap out of me. Even thinking of seeing friends or family I haven’t seen in a while makes me anxious.
Since moving to Butte I leave the house to go shopping, or to eat. I don’t go do things by myself with E. Besides walking, which does not involve stranger interaction. All summer I was telling myself I was going to sign her up for swim lessons, or some mommy and me class at the YMCA. But I never did. 
Well today I did something that I normally wouldn’t do, Story Time at the library. I even tried to make excuses to myself as late as this morning to not go. “If E falls asleep I won’t want to wake her” as I tried to nurse her into a nap. But it’s like she knew, and she wanted to go. So at 10:30 I decided she wasn’t sleeping so I needed to get us both dressed, I needed to put some makeup on, because I can’t go out in public looking like a disheveled SAHM. 

And we went.
And it was fun.
Well parking sucked, and I almost talked myself out of going again because I couldn’t find any parking, but I parked sort of illegally and went inside.
And E really enjoyed it. 

Stepped out of my comfort zone and took E to the library for baby time today. She had fun.

And that’s the first step, I am going to try to go as often as our schedule allows. E often naps around 11, But I think this is really good for both of us though so we may have to adjust nap time to be a little later. 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to Stepping out of my comfort zone

  1. Katie says:

    I'm the EXACT same way! I'm always fine once I'm out with people and friends, but working up the nerve and the courage to get myself out there is so hard. And usually I convince myself to just stay home. I recently discovered a new term that I believe describes me… ambivert. Which is a person who is both somewhat extraverted and somewhat introverted.

  2. Semper Wifey says:

    Good for you!! It's always hard to step out of our bubbles, but it's usually worth it when we do. 🙂

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