Belated Military Monday

I know I am late, I really wanted to get in on this Military Monday though so here we go:
Renji snuggles my Buddha belly. #pregnancy #40weeks #bostonterrier #bostonterriersofinstagram #cuddle
Did we plan our pregnancy? Yes. We had just returned from an overseas tour and we are both getting older, we knew it was now or never. We’ll not really now or never, but we weren’t getting any younger. We had spend the better part of the first 6 years together partying and running amok across the world, and it was time to settle down a little and have a little wee one. Recruiting duty was also the ideal place to do this because Paul is non deployable. But he is on the road a lot, and when he was recruiting he was often working 16+ hour days, but you can still make a baby on that schedule. Things worked out even better because he was transferring to MEPS when E was born and was able to take almost a month off to stay home with me just before and just after she was born. 
two weeks old
It was nice having him there and available for the birth, but leading up with knowing he was transferring to a new position that was located an hour away, with him commuting I was nervous about going into labor early and not having him there, or having to have him drive through a mountain pass to get home in the snow. 
As far as going “Home” for my pregnancy/birth:
I did not go home. No offense to those that do, but I don’t go home, like I go to visit but I won’t go to live, not if he gets deployed, not if I get pregnant again, not if I get pregnant and he deploys. We live together and have a home together and I am not going to leave that home, our home, while he is away. That’s just not my style. 
Evelyn Dawn arrived Dec 14 8lb 4.4 oz  #babyE #pregnancy #birthday #newborn
My family and his family helped tremendously, they were always available by phone, and my parents visited for E’s birth and His parents shortly after. That’s part of the reason we decided now was the perfect time to undertake this baby journey, family is an inexpensive flight away (vs. overseas flight).

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2 Responses to Belated Military Monday

  1. Kara says:

    I agree with you on the moving home part. I know a lot of women do it when their husbands deploy, but I don't understand it. I have a life here, small as it may be, and I can't see uprooting my life for what, 9 months? It just doesn't make sense to me. We can save money in other ways.

  2. Hey Alana! Thanks for linking up 🙂 I adore that picture of your bump & pup together – so sweet! I appreciate your candidness about what worked for you!!

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