Glacier National Park (part 1)

For the first time since our Honeymoon in 2006 Paul and I went on a real overnight vacation. We’ve had lots of stay-cations and day-cations, we’ve road-tripped for work and to see family. But we’ve never had our own trip where the destination was our choice, family fun, no goals, no “just drive, so we can just get there”. We decided we are long overdue. 
Another really nice thing about this trip was we didn’t really have much phone service the whole time, so it really was just the two of us. 
I am going to break this up into a couple posts so we don’t go into picture overload all at once. 
First Family Vacation
The first night we drove up to East Glacier. We stayed in a cute little motel (Mountain Pine Motel) that had a very retro feel, but it was very clean. Not a lot of amenities, our room had two beds an old TV, towels and bar soap (and of course I forgot shampoo) But considering we are right outside the park, for the price, I was very pleased. Most of our neighbors were hikers, after we arrived and they dwindled back in most of them sat outside and drank a beer while they took their hiking boots off and unloaded their gear from their cars.
If you ever go to Glacier I highly recommend Mountain Pine, It was clean, the grounds were beautiful, lots of grass and trees. I think they are pet friendly, I saw people with dogs, but we didn’t bring our monsters.
The hotel manager (Cute little old man) gave us a really nice map and basically outlined our trip for us. I am so glad he did, because we had no intention on going to Two Medicine (blue arrow) or Many Glacier (pink arrow). 
Today I’ll share with you those two places. 

Running Eagle Falls Trailhead
Two Medicine Lake

Drove down to the shore of Lower Two Medicine
On our way in Lower Two medicine was very calm and the Mountains reflected perfectly off the lake, so on our way out we decided to explore and drove down a washed out dirt road to try to get a picture. We got down and it wasn’t calm anymore, but it was still beautiful. 
On our way back up the washed out dirt road though we almost didn’t make it back to the main road. I was really upset because I thought we were about to ruin our vacation and it had just started, we had literally only been out of bed maybe 2 hours max. Lesson learned, don’t take your Jeep, no matter how BA it is, off-roading, with crappy road tires. After about 10 minutes of trying we got up the hill and back onto the highway. 
rain coming in looking in to Lower Two Medicine from the main highway headed North.

obligatory selfie
lower two medicine panorama

Lower Two Medicine panorama 2

after we got back on our way a storm started to roll in, lots of rain and lightening on our drive from Two Medicine up to Many Glacier. 
Family Fun! 

Look at all those Glaciers! 
Once we got to the end of the road at Many glacier we noticed the clouds were parting and the sun was peeking through, it would be a good day, the rain would eventually stop and the sun would come out! 
Many Glacier view from the Swiftcurrent Lodge parking lot

Stay tuned for more Glacier National Park coming soon! 

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3 Responses to Glacier National Park (part 1)

  1. These pictures make me miss home! Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  2. Jamie says:

    Wow. What gorgeous pictures!

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