You are doing a good job mom!

It’s nice to hear this from family and friends, that you’re doing good, but It’s really nice to hear it from strangers. 
I had to take E to the urgent care last week, I thought she had an ear infection, she doesn’t, she was just being cranky. 

But as I talked to the doctor and she asked normal questions, I was a bit hesitant to answer honestly. One of the questions I got was what am I putting on her teething related, diaper rash? I use coconut oil, no zinc, no creams, partly because we cloth diaper and that’s what is safe for the diapers. I was nervous because I am a member of several “natural mom” groups on facebook and I read a lot about moms being judged, or being told they are wrong, for raising their kids naturally. Everything from continuing breastfeeding beyond a certain age to skipping baby rice cereal, I read about women being told, that it’s not a good idea and they are wrong. So I was hesitant to answer her question with my natural remedy. But I was getting a good vibe from her, and she’s not my regular doctor so what’s the harm? Do I even care what she thinks about diaper rash treatment? So I told her. Much to my surprise she said that coconut oil was great, and then she recommended other natural things that I may have lying around incase I didn’t have coconut oil, like unsalted lard. 
I talked with her for a bit, we talked about cloth diapering and breastfeeding. More than once she said I was doing a great job and I was being a good mom. Not just my natural approach, but even as we were leaving, she told me I was a great mom. It’s so nice to hear, especially from someone who has raised several kids of her own, and sees sick kids all day long. She made me feel good, good about my choices in raising Evelyn, good about being a mommy. 
I think more moms need to be told they are doing a good job, especially first time moms, I know I often wonder, especially taking her to urgent care, I was worried that my babe was sick, and what if I waited too long and she had some raging infection? The doctor was so calm and kind, even though nothing was wrong, except a cranky baby recovering from teething, she didn’t make me feel like I was wasting her time for worrying. She didn’t rush me out once she saw that my baby wasn’t ill. 
So moms, you are doing a good job, if you baby is safe, warm and fed you are doing a good job. Keep up the good work. 
*while googling for images for this article, (of which I didn’t really find any, sorry) I came across this great article, for any moms looking for more natural treatments for common ailments check it out!*

and I’m linking up a day late, because I didn’t post this yesterday. 
Bloody Marys Count as a Salad

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2 Responses to You are doing a good job mom!

  1. I'm not a mom (hopefully one day, but not yet) and like to give moms a bit of praise when they're doing a good job. I know their job as mom is hard and I feel like that bit of praise makes their day a little better.

  2. amber.m says:

    Being a mom is so rough sometimes. Hugs! Moms instinct rocks! 🙂

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