Most Embarrassing Moment

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My most embarrassing moment of my life, unfortunately came after two too many beers. 
The lesson of the story is don’t drink too much when you first arrive in a foreign country or you’ll make an ass of yourself. 
So let me set the stage:
Paul and I arrived in Japan and the bases were almost immediately put on lockdown because some service member screwed up really bad, and then another one did, and then another. So we were all grounded and not allowed to go to off base establishments, like restaurants.  Shortly before we were put on lockdown though, we had the chance to experience eating out Okinawa. Paul and I decided to walk out to the nearest main street and find somewhere to eat. We found a lovely place that served Yakiniku. They also had pretty cheep beer. We were new to Japan, and this was one of our first times eating off base, we were also alone, no other friends who were more familiar with dining Okinawa were with us. 
Among all the new things we were discovering, there was this round egg shaped thing on the table. 
Me being the curious girl that I am, I started to play with it. 
This is very similar to the one I was screwing around with. Source
The more I drank, the more I wanted to know what this thing was, so the more I played with it. 
Anyone who has lived in Japan is either cringing or laughing because they know where this is going. 
It took me my whole dining experience to realize that when I squeezed this, it made a ding overhead, this ding sent a server to our table. I had squeezed it about a gazillion times. Each time turning the server away, I am sure I was thinking the service was amazing because they returned to the table every 5 minutes to see if we needed anything. 
I tell myself that the staff probably laughed at me later because I am a silly American, and I didn’t know what the thing did, and that I didn’t piss anyone off that night. I hope that’s the truth. 
I found the actual post from that night, with pictures and all.
You can read it here: What’s it like to cook your own food

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1 Response to Most Embarrassing Moment

  1. Angi says:

    Oh man! That's hilarious, I've never seen something like that – I would have done the same thing! I think we need those in America…especially in my town. The service here is AWFUL. So awful we rarely even eat out!

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