Military Monday Link Up

Linking up over at Eights on the Move for Military Monday:
Pack it up! 
To kind of go with my theme of prepping for my PCS this weeks prompt seems appropriate. This week is all about packing, how do you do it? 
Moving day 1 of  3.

Well. I don’t. 
I suck at packing. I hate packing. I let the movers do it. They are much quicker, and much more efficient. Plus I noticed with my last move they repacked most of the stuff I pre-packed anyway. 
Unless you are doing a DITY (do it  yourself) move, you may have the movers re packing anything you pack because they are liable for anything that breaks while moving. When we moved back from Okinawa they repacked everything I packed except my rubbermaid tubs, they just opened them to see that they were just blankets (with alcohol hidden, shhhhh) and then taped them up. 
But to a very small extent I am already packing a little. I have a shit load of big blue rubbermaid tubs that I am filling with stuff I have no use for for now. Curtains, bath mats (I have enough for 3 bathrooms, here we only have 2), extra blankets, baby clothes that Evey has grown out of, (but we are saving for number 2,) maternity clothes, purses (because I only carry a diaper bag right now) . I need to repack my sewing stuff, fabric, yarn, odds and ends. All of our holiday stuff is finally out of cardboard boxes and into rubbermaid containers. Mostly I am doing this because I can stack these tubs out of sight, but you could call it packing. 
So that’s it, my big secret to packing, let the movers do it. 
Well except your underwear, don’t let anyone touch your underwear, that’s just creepy.
You can find my PCS/Moving tips here
That's it, we'll see our stuff, at the new house in the morning ☀

Just a friendly reminder, I was nominated for the top 50 Military Mom Blogs by VoiceBoks, you can vote for me here. Thank you for your support.

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3 Responses to Military Monday Link Up

  1. Pam says:

    Packing and moving is the worst. Getting movers makes it way easier!

  2. Kara says:

    It took me forever to find my underwear and some other mystery items that are kept in the undies drawer. I was getting kinda worried that someone took it all! Finally found it though.

  3. Hey Alana, thank you SO much for linking up! I love finding new military spouse blogs 🙂 And learning more from them!! Hope you'll join us again next week.

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