My Town Monday: Fish Creek

Montana has two seasons, Winter and Road Construction.
No seriously, in April, when things begin to think about thawing, the road construction starts, they even have things that they use to help thaw the ground so they can do construction. 
But during Road Construction season, we will call it summer, is a beautiful time in Montana. It doesn’t get too hot, and if it does it doesn’t last but a few days. Especially here in Butte, It’s 3pm and its currently 77 degrees out. I will certainly enjoy it while it lasts though because will will almost certainly see more snow before we move in November. 
But anyway. Summer. Beautiful. Warm. No Snow. 
Paul and I took his jeep out exploring recently, he’s done quite a bit of work to it since we arrived in Montana, it’s lifted, got big tires, suspension, blah, blah, blah. He likes to take it out on local trails. We’ve yet to find something really challenging, but on our adventure to Fish Creek we did see lots of beautiful scenery. 

My Town Monday Link-up,
Nothing Fancy, just share a post about where you live.
I started this because I am not too fond of where we are living in Montana, it’s a very nice place to visit, I just don’t want to live here.
In effort to find more cool things about Montana I am going to periodically do this when I have something cool to share about the place I am currently calling Home.
Link up and grab the button!

Fractured Fairy Tales
Fractured Fairy Tales


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